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Male Stripper Fucking Bachelorette

onstage stripper sex

Ever wonder what really happens at bachelorette parties? Sure, the girls act all uptight when they are around guys, but what happens when they are hanging around with their friends have plenty to drink and there’s a well-hung dude getting naked? Well, here’s a classic example of just that. It doesn’t take long for these hotties to get, well, hot for some cock. Then they take turns stroking, sucking and finally getting fucked by the stripper’s hard cock. What more could you want? Oh, right, watching him cum all over the girl’s faces. Don’t worry, that’s all here and more!

Bachelorette Sex Parties

Sexy Bachelorette Plays with Black Stripper

bachelorette stripped

Who doesn’t love a big fat cock being waved in their face? These girls especially love it whenever one of their friends get married, because that means strippers, and when male strippers and their big fat cocks are involved, well, anything can happen! These ladies lose all inhibition, gobbling these cocks like they are being paid to, taking every single inch down their slutty little throats as their friends watch with looks of excitement. Some lucky girls even get a face full of cream, or better yet, a pussy full of cock! Gobble gobblegobble, these ladies take it nice and hard and all night long!

CFNM Stripper Sex

Dancingbear Male Stripper Gets A Blowjob

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Have you ever been to a male stripper party? Better yet, have you ever been to a Dancingbear party? Well, this party was fucking amazing with clothed women sucking dick left and right. This was one of the best CFNM Events ever held since we started this! The Dancing Bear was such a treat and all the dancers were just fantastic. Especially when they whipped their big cocks on and put them in the faces of these eager horny women. You’re gonna love this!
DancingBear CFNM

Outdoor CFNM Fun

Naked Males Blowjobs

The CFNM Show takes the party to a new level as they have a simple game in progress as they start drawing names out of a bowl to determine which babes are going to give the naked males blowjobs. The men are standing in front of the women sitting outside in the lawn as the names are drawn to see who gives the blowjob. The lucky woman that was selected comes in front of the two men and drops to her knees while still fully clothed and starts to suck on his hard cock giving him a blowjob that she will not soon forget.

CFNM Blowjob Party

CFNM Show Blowjob

In a room filled with clothed females a black male walks in wearing a white bathrobe and white boxers. The man quickly gets naked as the women stay fully clothed and start to have their fun with his hot body. They start out by putting shaving cream on his balls and shaving his entire public area so that it is silky smooth for easy penetration. They then have the cleanly shaved naked man lie down on the bed and start to decorate his body with markers, drawing designs on his body like he is a blank canvass. They then climb on top of him and ride his hard cock like the toy that he is.


CFNM Pool Sex Party

Outdoor Pool Sex Party

This pool party is complete once the Dancing Bears arrive and show off their sexy naked bodies glistening in the sun as the horny women throw themselves at them. This is made even as the action starts heating up with some dick sucking and stroking. Things get even hotter still as the Bears get some of the women to take off their bathing suits and show off their sexy bodies along with the bears. The blowjobs continue and a few of the lucky girls even get bent over and rammed with a Dancing Bear’s hard cock.


Dancing Bears Pool Party

CFNM Pool Party

The Dancing Bears are soaking up the sun at the pool as they perform for a pool filled with sexy babes. These men are standing on the edge of the pool shaking their asses and wagging their hard cocks in front of all of the babes. These women are going crazy as the Dancing Bears work their magic and show what big massive cocks they have! The woman at this party enjoy watching these studs dance and show off their large cocks and a few lucky women are able to take those large cocks in their mouth and give amazing blowjobs!


CFNM Party Blowjob

Party Sex Blowjob

This room is filled with women that are looking for a good time, and the Dancing Bears deliver as they have several of the attractive well hung bears at this party showing off their sexy bodies. One of the studs comes in wearing the brown bear costume and he slowly strips out of the costume as he shows off his sexy ripped body and big cock. These bears then put whipped cream on their hard cocks and present them to the women to lick and suck it off! One of these bears even bends one lucky woman over a table and bangs away on her pussy.

Hot Bachelorette Party

Dancing Bears Party

The Dancing Bears are in a room filled with horny women that are eager to have a large cock in their mouth. These women watch this Dancing Bear as he works the room and shows off his large hard cock and does a little dance to show off what he is working with. The Dancing Bear then stands in front of an eager woman in a red dress and she starts to stroke his hard cock. She leans forward and starts to tease his hard cock in her mouth before shoving his cock deep into her throat as she gives the bear a blowjob!